S7 episode 8 Aired on August 30, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Hey Suitors, Mike and Harvey are finally on the same page when it comes to the prison case, but with so many interested parties, can they still make Reform Corp pay while keeping Alex’s head off the chopping block? Check out our guide to Suits episode 708, “100.”

Mike and Harvey’s Best Laid Plan Goes Awry

Mike and Harvey hatch a plan to make Reform Corp pay and keep Alex off the hook by handing the prison case off to Robert Zane, figuring he’ll be a sympathetic opponent. But they don’t count on how emotionally invested Zane becomes, and when he blows up the settlement meeting and threatens to put Gallo on the stand to point fingers, Reform Corp CEO Roger Shapiro orders Harvey to stop Gallo from testifying or he’ll find someone else who can.

Old Flames Are Reignited

Forgotten feelings bubble to the surface when Donna reconnects with her old boyfriend Mark, but she’s thrown when Mark reveals he’s unhappily married -- Donna doesn’t want to be the “other woman,” but she also can’t deny the chemistry between them. Meanwhile, Louis struggles to make sense of his own feelings when Sheila Sazs, now living in New York and engaged to be married, propositions him for one last earth-shattering fling before she walks down the aisle. Both Louis and Donna eventually find themselves knocking on the hotel room door of their former lover, but while Donna decides she can’t go through with an affair, Louis gives himself over to his desire.

Gallo Won’t Be Swayed

Mike tries to talk Frank Gallo out of testifying by offering him another fat check, but this time to NOT take the stand. But Gallo isn’t interested -- see, he’s realized that the only way he’ll ever earn his daughter’s forgiveness isn’t by showering her with money but by doing what’s right and taking the stand. Looks like Mike and Harvey will have to find another way to stop Gallo.

Rachel Steps Up

Rachel’s tired of Mike leaving her in the dark about the details of the case in order to protect her; she can handle herself. And to seemingly prove it, she comes up with a scheme to impugn her father’s integrity in order to block Gallo from testifying. Harvey is unsure, but with Tommy Bratton threatening to take Reform Corp and Masterson Construction back (and hang Alex out to dry in the process), he doesn’t have much choice. Their gambit temporarily pays off, but it leaves Robert fuming and more determined than ever to make Reform Corp pay, even if it means Alex will go down for it.

R.I.P. Frank Gallo

Harvey looks for a way to permanently bar Gallo from taking the stand, but when news comes out that Gallo has been murdered, Harvey and Zane set aside their differences and go after the man they know is responsible: Roger Shapiro. Ironically, Gallo’s previously inadmissible deposition testimony becomes a weapon in the wake of his death, and when they point it at Shapiro it doesn’t take long for the Reform Corp CEO to cave. He agrees to the settlement he had previously rejected AND gives them a signed confession to the conspiracy with Masterson Construction -- just the leverage that Harvey and Alex need to force Tommy Bratton to resign, but not before giving Alex his signed affidavit back. Looks like the bad guys lose, and Alex is finally in the clear!