Home to Roost
S7 episode 6 Aired on August 16, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

The prison case is heating up, but things gets complicated when Mike’s cover is finally blown. Meanwhile, Louis gets sued by a former associate, and Harvey has a conversation he’s been avoiding. Check out our recap for Suits episode 706, “Home to Roost.”

Mike Keeps His Word ... To Oliver

Mike decides it’s more important for him to keep his word to Oliver and Oscar Reyes than play it straight with Harvey. But doing that is getting increasingly difficult; Reform Corp has filed a motion to dismiss and Frank Gallo’s word won’t be good enough to block it. Unfortunately, Frank is refusing to give up his source until he gets a full advance on what he would make in the settlement: half a million dollars. Luckily, Gallo points them in the direction of someone who can corroborate his story -- Danielle Randolph, the assistant US Attorney who he had told about the conspiracy seven years ago.

Louis Gets Sued

The hits keep on coming for poor Louis, who gets sued by former associate Stephanie for sexual harassment. It seems that Stephanie was not happy with the things Louis said about her dating life, and now she’s going to make him pay! Katrina goes to bat for her mentor, and even though Stephanie has Louis dead to rights she agrees to drop the suit -- but only if Louis signs an admission of guilt. Problem is, Louis has been sued for sexual harassment before (it was a Daniel Hardman scheme); if he admits to doing this, it will ruin his reputation.

Harvey Tells Donna About Paula

Paula gets upset when Harvey drags his feet on telling Donna about their relationship, leading Harvey to realize he’s being unfair to both women. Harvey finally drops the news, and of course, Donna tells him she already figured it out -- she’s Donna! Except, this time she didn’t know; Donna has a blind spot when it comes to Harvey. Eventually Donna comes clean to Harvey and they sort things out -- their feelings for each other are “complicated,” but Donna is genuinely happy for Harvey. Or is she? Only time will tell with these two.

Mike's Lie Is Revealed

First word that Mike is getting mixed up with Frank Gallo gets back to Harvey; then Harvey learns that Alex’s construction client is pissed that the prison suit is still going forward. Harvey puts two and two together and realizes that Mike has been lying to him this whole time, and let’s just say he’s not pleased. Harvey confronts Mike and lets him know, in no uncertain terms, that if Mike doesn’t back off, Harvey will torpedo the case himself. Meanwhile, Rachel is furious with Mike for putting her in the position to have to lie for him once again, and she lets him hear it.

Louis Makes Things Worse Before He Makes Them Better

Against Katrina’s advice, Louis tries to talk Stephanie out of the suit himself, but in true Louis fashion he only winds up making it worse. As the subpoenas start flying, it looks as if Louis may be dead in the water. It’s only when Louis gives Stephanie a heart felt apology that the two see eye to eye, and she agrees to drop the case. What’s more, Louis finally lets go of some of the things he had been holding onto since the breakup with Tara, and he starts a full apology tour. Donna even gives control of the associates back to him!

Alex Blows Up the Prison Case

Oliver is not happy to hear hat Mike has to back away from the case, but Mike tells Oliver to man up. The young lawyer takes the message to heart, because he owns it in court and convinces the judge to throw out the motion to dismiss -- that is until Alex shows up and tells everyone about Mike’s meddling. The judge has no choice but to dismiss the case. Furious, Mike confronts Alex about publicly blowing up the case instead of coming to him privately, but Harvey comes down on Alex’s side: Mike made his bed and now he has to lie in it. But Harvey soon realizes that Alex is hiding something ...