Brooklyn Housing
S7 episode 5 Aired on August 9, 2017

Who can you trust? This week’s episode was all about answering that question; plus, the return of an old face spells trouble for Mike. Check out our guide to Suits episode 705, “Brooklyn Housing.”

Warning: Recap contains spoilers 

Mike and Oliver Work the Prison Case

Oliver (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) think the prison management company is orchestrating fights among inmates in order to extend their sentences (thus increasing the company’s profits), but when they can’t find anyone willing to testify, Mike turns to the one guy he knows will have all the answers: Frank Gallo (Paul Schulze). But Gallo isn’t very happy to see Mike, and he sure as hell isn’t going to give him something for nothing -- he wants Mike to get him a deal for early parole before he’ll even consider testifying in the case.

Mike Tries to Keep a Secret

Mike burns the candle at both ends in order to keep his work on the prison case under wraps, but Harvey (Gabriel Macht) starts to ask questions when Mike isn’t there to back him up with the demanding CEO of a big time energy firm. And Harvey isn’t the only one getting suspicious; it doesn’t take too long for Nathan to figure out what’s going on, but he’s surprisingly okay with the whole thing. Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) learns the truth, too, and she worries that after all that Mike has been through, his reputation may not be able to stand the strain of another broken promise.

Donna Goes By Her Gut

Mike isn’t the only one dealing with trust issues. When Harvey considers bringing on Holly Cromwell as a consultant, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) raises doubts about hiring a woman whose business is betrayal. Meanwhile, Harvey’s efforts to conceal his relationship with Paula lead Donna to feel like something between them is off.

Louis Becomes Paula’s Attorney

At Harvey’s insistence, Louis (Rick Hoffman) defends Paula Agard (Christina Cole) in a suit brought by her former business partner and lover, Jacob. It seems that their relationship ended badly after Jacob had an affair, and now he’s threatening blackmail if he doesn’t get his way. The case cuts close to the bone for Louis, who is still grappling with unresolved issues from the demise of his own relationship with Tara. Louis can’t help but feel bad when he eventually crushes Jacob’s hopes, and the case opens Louis’ eyes to the fact that he has a lot of work to do on himself if he ever wants to find love again.

Mike Negotiates with Gallo

Oliver starts to have concerns that Mike is risking too much for the prison case, and Gallo’s ask is a bridge too far. Oliver convinces Mike to go back to Gallo with an alternate offer -- Gallo can be part of their class action suit, and the money he stands to win can go to his estranged daughter. Gallo bristles at the mention of his daughter, but he agrees to Mike’s new terms. However, he wants an advance on the settlement, and that is non negotiable.