Tiny Violin
S7 episode 15 Aired on April 25, 2018

Suitors, Stanley Gordon is back, and it could mean the end of the firm! Meanwhile, Mike steps in to help the clinic with a class action suit that’s straining their resources. It all here in our guide to part one of the Suits season 7 finale, “Tiny Violin.”

Blindsided By Stanley Gordon

Stanley Gordon brings a class action against Specter Litt on behalf of their former partners, who claim that their association with the firm that hired a fraud has damaged their reputations. This is big -- big enough to put the firm in the ground. To add insult to injury, old allies like Jack Soloff and Scottie have found themselves caught up in the suit, and they can’t lend a hand without putting their own careers in jeopardy. Even Robert Zane is wary of what helping Harvey yet again will do to his reputation -- but he eventually finds a way to do it surreptitiously.

Mike Takes Another Clinic Case

Overwhelmed by a class action suits involving school children poisoned by Discharge Power’s battery manufacturing plant, Nathan turns to Mike for help. Mike comes out swinging, saving the case from being dismissed and spooking opposing counsel into scrambling for a settlement. However, after Mike aggressively rejects the first offer, Nathan worries that Mike is scrapping a meaningful deal at a time when they don’t have the resources or manpower to gamble on waiting for a better one.

Mike and Rachel Get a Job Offer

After his show of force in court against Discharge Power, Mike is approached by a man named Andy Forsyth with an interesting proposition: he’s building a firm to take on the big Fortune 500 companies holding the little guys down, and he wants Mike and Rachel to run it. The only catch? It would be based in Seattle. However, when Nathan’s biggest donors pull their funding, dealing a deathblow to the class action, Mike suspects Andy is actually working for Discharge Power and he angrily confronts him.

The Clinic Is Reborn

Nathan may be shut down but Mike isn’t ready to give up, and he asks Donna to back his request for half a million dollars to independently fund the clinic. Donna tells him it will never fly, and if he can’t see why, then he really isn’t ready to be senior partner. However, she later has a change of heart and talks to Louis, who decides to donate the half million himself. Nathan and the clinic live to fight another day!

A Plot Against the Firm Is Revealed

With an assist from Robert Zane and Rachel, Harvey gets the leverage he needs to force Jack Soloff to drop out of the class. It doesn’t take long for Stanley Gordon to show up with a new offer: give the partners their old jobs back and they’ll drop the suit. But Harvey, Louis, and Donna soon realize it’s actually a ploy to get enough votes to strong arm the firm into merging with Rand Kaldor Zane. Furious, Harvey confronts Robert, but it turns out he’s not in on it -- Rand and Kaldor stabbed him in the back! 

Jessica Needs a Favor

Just when it seems things can’t get worse, Jessica comes to Harvey to ask for -- no, demand -- a favor. It seems she’s ruffled some very important feathers in Chicago, and after Harvey released the statement throwing her under the bus, the Mayor’s office used it as an opportunity to revoke her license. Unable to stand in court herself, she needs Harvey to come back and help her fight for a housing case with 500 people’s homes on the line. Harvey isn’t sure he can just leave the firm when they’re about to go to war, but Louis, Donna, Mike, and Rachel show up at his apartment and assure him that they’ll defend the firm while he goes to Chicago to help Jessica. The question is, is this a fight they can win?