Pulling the Goalie
S7 episode 14 Aired on April 18, 2018

This week, Mike and Harvey’s defense of a judge winds up putting them at odds while Donna deals with a a duplicitous landlord. Meanwhile, Louis finds himself in a legal duel with Sheila’s fiance. It’s all here in our rundown of Suits episode 714, “Pulling The Goalie.” 

Mike Takes a Case for a Familiar Face

Mike is approached by Judge Ralls (she was the one who presided over his fraud case) for a favor; she’s being accused of overturning a verdict for personal gain and she needs someone to represent her. Taking the case will most likely mean that the firm will have to drop a client at some point, but Mike decides he likes the feeling of being on the right side of things - plus, Harvey could use a distraction from the whole Paula situation. However, things get complicated when they learn that Ralls hasn’t been completely up front about her history on the bench.

Louis Picks a Fight

Feeling low after his close call at Sheila’s office, Louis realizes it’s time to end his affair. But Xander shows up at Louis’ office to push his buttons and warns him to stay away from Sheila, and before you can say short fuse, Louis is picking a legal fight with one of Xander’s clients in order to prove that he’s the better man. Sheila worries that the case will expose their affair, but Louis assures her he won’t let that happen. However, when Louis gets in over his head (Xander’s area of expertise, tech law, is unfamiliar ground for Louis), he finds himself weighing his promise to Sheila against his need to beat Xander by any means necessary.

Donna Accidentally Renegotiates the Lease

Donna seriously questions her own worth when the firm’s landlord tricks her into negating the terms of their lease. Worse, she feels like she can’t turn to Harvey for help; she was just responsible for his break up with Paula and she doesn’t want to tell him she might be responsible for losing his office, too! However, Donna eventually remembers one of the reasons Harvey promoted her in the first place - her ability to read people - and she and Rachel use that ability to bring the hammer down on their duplicitous landlord and walk away with a new lease, saving the firm a bundle in the process.

Harvey and Mike Find Out the Truth

Harvey refuses to continue defending Judge Ralls in light of her recent revelations, prompting Mike to accuse Harvey of not being willing to sacrifice - a claim that stings all the more in light of the circumstances of his recent breakup with Paula. But cooler heads prevail the next day, and with an assist from Louis they realize that opposing council is really trying to get Ralls kicked off the bench in order to overturn a ruling standing in the way of multiple clients’ merger plans. It doesn’t take long for Mike and Harvey to take care of business and get Ralls off the hot seat!

Louis Sacrifices the Victory, But Wins in the End

With Katrina’s help, Louis finds the strength to beat Xander into the ground while keeping his promise. But Sheila comes to Louis again and asks him to give Xander a way to save face - he proved he is the better man, now be the bigger man - and after searching his feelings he realizes he can’t say no to the woman he loves, no matter how much it will wound him. Moved by his sacrifice, Sheila leaves Xander and tells Louis that he is the one she loves. Not only that, she is ready to let fate decide whether or not they have kids!