S7 episode 13 Aired on April 11, 2018

Relationship issues abound as Louis embraces his secret affair with Sheila, Mike and Rachel fight about the future, and Donna comes between Harvey and Paula once again. Meanwhile, Harvey helps an old client keep a promise. It’s all here in our guide to Suits episode 713, “Inevitable.”

Paula and Harvey Are Still on Shaky Ground

Harvey and Paula have dinner with Harvey’s mother, Lily, and it goes swimmingly -- until Paula stiffens when Lily inadvertently brings up a topic that touches on Donna. Later, Paula tells Harvey something she has never shared with him: that the woman that her ex cheated with was actually one of his co-workers. That’s why the Donna thing hits so close to home for her! Paula tells Harvey that she fears their relationship won’t survive if Donna is in the picture, leaving Harvey to wonder if the only solution is to fire Donna.

Harvey Helps Teddy Doyle

Harvey’s old client Teddy Doyle asks him to step in on behalf of his former employees, who will lose their jobs if the current owner of the company, Kurt Baxter, sells the business overseas as planned. Harvey agrees to do what he can, but Kurt refuses to play nice, leading Harvey to wade into legally murky waters that involve Stu Buzzini shorting the company’s stock to drive the sale price down. But Kurt stands tough, and all seems lost -- and until Harvey realizes they can raise the necessary capital for Teddy to buy the company himself by offering the employees equity. Win-win!

Louis Revels in the Moment, While Mike and Rachel Look to the Future

Empowered by his new bad boy persona, Louis throws himself into his affair with Sheila and the chemistry is electric -- as he later tells Rachel, he feels like a king! Unfortunately, a close call with Sheila’s fiancé Xander seems to take the wind out of Louis’ sails. Meanwhile, Mike and Rachel are scheduled to meet with Father Walker for wedding prep, but Mike’s failure to fill out a pre-wedding questionnaire causes friction between him and Rachel. However, it also gets them talking about what is on the horizon in a constructive way. 

Donna Fights for Her Job

Unsure of what to do, Harvey gets Stu Buzzini to offer Donna a job, but Donna soon sniffs out the truth of the situation and she’s not happy. Why wouldn’t Harvey come to her directly? Or better yet, why won’t he fight for her the way she’s fought for him all these years? Harvey feels his hands are tied, so Donna does the only thing she can think to do and goes to Paula to appeal to her sense of mercy. But while Paula is moved, she won’t change her mind when it’s plain to see that Donna still has unresolved feelings for Harvey.

Harvey Makes His Choice

With seemingly no other choice, Donna leaves a letter of resignation on Harvey’s desk. Donna’s letter stirs something in Harvey, and he tells Paula he’s going to undo it -- he’s sorry, but he just can’t give her what she wants if it means letting Donna go. Harvey and Paula say a heartfelt goodbye, and then Harvey goes to Donna and rips up her resignation letter. She’s staying where she belongs, in the job she earned.