Bad Man
S7 episode 12 Aired on April 4, 2018

It’s an emotional week in the offices of Specter Litt, as Harvey must close the door on his father’s legacy in order to come through for Jessica. Elsewhere, Sheila’s indecent proposal has Louis pining for the unattainable, and Mike tries to do a favor for a friend only to have it thrown in his face. Check out our guide to Suits episode 712, “Bad Man.” 

Harvey Jumps Through Emotional Hoops to Get Jessica's Money

Jessica wants two million from her payout in an untraceable account - she won’t say why, she just needs it - and in order to come through, Harvey must convince the producer who worked on his father’s records to sell his company, even though it will most likely mean his father’s music will never see the light of day again. It’s an emotional moment for Harvey, and to add insult to injury the buyer comes in with a lowball offer. Harvey convinces the guy to raise his price, but hearing that the music he loves isn’t as valuable as it used to be only adds to the sting. And worse still, Harvey can’t lean on Paula, who still isn’t ready to take his call after learning about his history with Donna.

Oliver Throws Mike a Curveball

Oliver is representing a food bank looking to renegotiate after one of their suppliers, a Specter Litt client, jacked up the price of protein packs, and he’s hoping Mike will step in on the other side to make sure things go smoothly for both parties - he’s not looking for a handout, just a fair shake. Mike cuts his friend a solid deal but Oliver doesn’t like the price, and before you can say “switcheroo” he announces he’s going to depose the supplier’s CEO. Mike is pissed, but he’s also kind of proud - Oliver pulled a Mike!

Louis Pines for Sheila

Louis goes running to Dr. Lipschitz after Sheila dips her hands in his mud and announces she wants to continue their affair. The whole thing is making Louis sick, but when Dr. Lipschitz tells him he is pining over an unavailable woman, Louis decides to flip the script and make sure that Sheila is available, and he confronts her and demands she leave her fiancé. But Sheila tells Louis she won’t do it, and Louis tells her he can’t be the bad boy and see her behind her fiance’s back, leaving him feeling worse than before.

Mike Brings the Hammer Down for Oliver's Own Good

Mike is even more impressed after Oliver wipes the floor with him in deposition, and he extends his friend an even better deal. But when Oliver still won’t accept and things get personal, Mike realizes he’s going to have to smack his young friend down to teach him a lesson. Problem is, Mike isn’t sure if he has it in him - after all, some of what Oliver is saying is true, and Mike doesn’t want to break his spirit. But as Rachel points out, Mike will break Oliver’s spirit even more in the long run if he goes easy on him now. Mike finally brings the hammer down on his friend, and it’s brutal. But in the end Oliver not only gets the message - he’s thankful for it.

Harvey and Louis Choose a Way Forward

Harvey realizes that he can’t wait for Paula to process anymore, and he goes to her to share his feelings - he still wants her in his life, if she’ll have him (she will). Meanwhile, with the memory of the high school girlfriend who screwed him over for the class bad boy fresh in his mind, Louis decides to make a change and takes Sheila up on her offer - he’s ready to be her bad boy.