Hard Truths
S7 episode 11 Aired on March 28, 2018

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

As the firm scrambles to get out in front of the news of Jessica’s disbarment, Harvey deals with the ripples caused by his kiss with Donna. Meanwhile, Alex regrets giving Mike a big client. It’s all in our guide to the midseason premiere of Suits, “Hard Truths.”

The Kiss Hangs Over Everything

Harvey wants to put the kiss behind him as fast as possible, but his attempt to avoid reckoning with that one charged moment only seems to make things worse. At home, Harvey impulsively asks Paula to move in with him instead of telling her about what happened. Meanwhile, Harvey’s attempt to avoid talking to Donna about the kiss leads him to shut her out at work, even as she tries to help him salvage the Jessica situation.

An Old Partner Rolls on Harvey

Harvey and Louis must dissolve and restructure the firm in order to come out on top after Jessica’s disbarment (and get Jessica paid), but they’ll need former partner Stanley Gordon’s sign off to make it happen -- and they’ll need to do it without a mention of Jessica’s name, as Gordon is no fan of the woman who deposed him all those years ago. Gordon agrees to sign off if Harvey will help him with a problem of his own, but it’s only when Harvey comes through on his end of the deal that Gordon shows his true colors: see, he knows what’s going on and the only way he’ll lift a finger for Jessica is if Harvey and Louis bring him back to the firm and put his name back on the wall. That snake!

Harvey Is Forced to Confront His Feelings…Sort Of

Things come to a head between Donna and Harvey after he selfishly torpedoes her interview with a potential new Senior Partner. But this is about more than one kiss: Donna confronts Harvey about the truth of their relationship -- that it’s not nearly as clear-cut as Harvey would like to pretend -- and questions him as to why, if the kiss meant nothing, he has not shared the truth with Paula. But Harvey doesn’t want to hear it; unintentionally or not, Donna messed with his relationship, and now he can’t trust her judgment.

Harvey Comes Clean to Paula…Sort Of

Harvey’s confrontation with Donna leads him to come clean to Paula about the kiss, and she’s not pleased. She also calls into question his motives for asking her to move in with him in the first place. Maybe that’s why Harvey doesn’t choose to share the complete version of his complicated past with Donna when Paula gives him an opening.

Mike Takes On Quality Foods

As a thank you for the Reform Corp case, Alex gives Mike Quality Foods, a major client who is having some issues with one of their longstanding refrigeration suppliers. However, Mike gets the feeling the refrigeration company is hiding something and comes out swinging, much to the chagrin of Alex, who would prefer that Mike maintain the relationship rather than ruffle feathers based on a hunch. At first, Rachel sides with Alex -- maybe there isn’t more to this one? -- and convinces Mike to extend the olive branch. However, she eventually comes around to Mike’s side and when she finds evidence of some major wrongdoing, it doesn’t take long for Mike and Rachel to bring the hammer down. Their victory causes Mike and Rachel to recommit to making time for what’s important -- namely, wedding planning. Another win for team Ross/Zane!

No Easy Fix

Backed into a corner as the clock ticks away on the news of Jessica’s disbarment going wide, Louis realizes Gordon doesn’t really want back in the firm; he just wants to see Jessica suffer. Louis floats the idea of drafting a statement that completely throws Jessica under the bus, but Harvey won’t hear of it. However, Harvey eventually comes around when he realizes the best solutions are not always the easiest, and he gives Louis the go ahead after both Gordon and Jessica separately sign off on the idea.

Harvey Faces the Truth

A heart-to-heart with Louis spurs Donna to tell Harvey she’s sorry. The apology causes Harvey to do some heavy soul-searching about his own feelings, including the truth about his complicated relationship with Donna, and the two eventually reconcile. Harvey also decides it’s time to tell Paula the whole truth about his history with Donna. However, it seems like that revelation is about to make Harvey’s dating life even more complicated.