S7 episode 10 Aired on September 13, 2017
Warning: Recap contains spoilers

The summer season finale is here! Alex must defend his biggest client from his former boss, Rachel tries to stop her father from self-sabotaging his own case, and Mike and Harvey find themselves one step behind Andrew Malik. Meanwhile, matters of the heart loom large when Louis and Donna are each forced to confront feelings they’ve been trying to keep at bay. Check out our guide to Suits episode 710, “Donna.”

Andrew Malik Has the Upper Hand

Louis thinks he’s found a way to shut Andrew Malik down and keep Donna from having to testify, no mock trial necessary. But Malik is one step ahead, and once he gets Donna on the stand he viciously attacks her character, implying that she got her new position by sleeping with Harvey and destroying the memo referred to in the newspaper article in question. The judge buys it, allowing the case to move forward and the newspaper article to be submitted as evidence of the existence of the memo.

Rachel Takes the Driver’s Seat

Rachel flips the script on her father’s case from racial to gender discrimination, and after she puts another victim of Arthur Kittridge’s unwanted advances on the stand, it doesn’t take the judge long to order that Kittridge submit to a deposition. Point, Zane…right? Except that Rachel thinks Robert can’t handle going up against the man who ruined his sister’s life, and she urges her father to settle. Robert refuses; he took the coward’s way out once before and he’s not going to give up his shot at justice for his sister again. Rachel decides to back her dad, but she insists that she be the one to ask the questions in the deposition.

Rachel to the Rescue

Rachel and Robert go into the deposition with their game faces on, but Arthur Kittridge is ready for them, and the sleazy CEO baits Robert into losing his cool and admitting that the case is all about settling a personal score. But Rachel refuses to give up: she goes to Kittridge’s board and uses his history of sexual harassment to convince them that he’s too much of a liability to keep around. Arthur is out, and justice is served!

Eli Gould Is Coming After Pfizer

Bratton Gould’s remaining name partner orchestrates a hostile takeover of Pfizer in order to steal the drug mega-company back from PSL, and even with Louis and the associate corps in his corner there’s nothing Alex can do to stop it. When Alex is reduced to begging, Gould names his true price -- Pfizer can stay at PSL, but only if Alex comes back to Bratton Gould and brings the rest of his clients with him. It was all an ingenious workaround to side step the anti-poaching agreement his firm made with Alex! But Alex gets Gould admitting to the plan on tape, nullifying his former boss’ victory. Chalk another one up for PSL!

The Source of the Fake Memo Is Revealed

When Mike and Harvey learn that the source for newspaper article is someone who has worked with them, Donna puts two and two together and realizes it’s Holly Cromwell. Malik must have put the squeeze on her and forced her to leak the false story of the memo to the paper -- he’s fabricating evidence! But Mike realizes that Malik tricked them into submitting the evidence themselves -- he’s one step ahead again! Their only hope of turning the tables is by getting Holly to talk, but while Donna gets Holly to admit that she was the source if the story, she refuses to testify. 

Malik Strikes Back

Holly may not be willing to go on record, but Harvey realizes that what they know may be more important than what they can prove, and he and Mike spin it just right to force Malik to drop the case. But while Malik may have lost the battle, he hasn’t dropped his grudge against Harvey, so as payback he enters a motion to have Jessica disbarred for admitting to the New York bar that she knew Mike was a fraud. Malik has got them, and he knows it -- and so does Jessica. But you know what? She’s okay with it. Jessica tells Harvey it’s time he takes her name off the wall. The question is, how will he spin it?

Louis and Donna Confront Their Feelings

When Rachel suggests that Donna may still have feelings for Harvey, Mike urges Red to seize her chance at happiness and tell Harvey how she truly feels about him. Donna appreciates where Mike’s heart is, but she says that she and Harvey don’t want to be together. Or do they? Meanwhile, Donna lashes out at Louis for not preparing her for Malik’s attack, and Louis realizes he didn’t want to put her through the mock trial because he was avoiding his own truth: he’s still in love with Sheila. Louis’ admission moves Red to a realization of her own, and when Harvey arrives to give Donna the news about Jessica, she gives Harvey a passionate kiss that leaves him speechless. OMG!!!