Borrowed Time
S6 episode 8 Aired on August 31, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers


With Mike’s deal off the table, Harvey goes on the offensive and gets the judge to grant a three day delay so he can depose Phillip Allen. Meanwhile, Mike is back on good terms with Kevin, but Gallo has run out of patience. Things only get worse when Mike learns that not only did Harvey not keep his word about Gallo, he also didn’t tell Mike that his deal with Cahill went kaput. Harvey tells Mike he has a plan to get Mike’s deal reinstated, but in order to do it Mike will once again have to try and convince Kevin to get his wife to turn on her father. 


With time running out for Leonard Bailey, Jessica and Rachel hope they can convince Bailey’s Aunt Harriett, who raised him and now suffers from MS, to petition the court for a stay of execution until she is well enough to be by his side. With any luck it will buy them enough time to get the case reopened. Rachel gets Harriet to sign the request, but she refuses to be at the execution, having disowned Bailey after the trial. Jessica tells Rachel to keep her eye on the prize; it’s their job to get Bailey out of prison, not repair his relationship with his family. But when Bailey accuses Jessica of being uncaring it strikes a chord with her that she can’t shake. 


Harvey deposes Phillip Allen and it doesn’t take long for him to make swiss cheese of Cahill’s star witness, giving Cahill no choice but to refocus his efforts on getting Jill Sutter to cut a deal. Now, it’s up to Mike to get Kevin to cooperate. But Kevin wants no part of the conversation, and when Mike reveals that he has been informing on him Kevin becomes enraged and attacks his cellmate, landing him in solitary. Mike must turn to Gallo, of all people, to help him get Kevin out. And just in time, too, as it turns out that Jill has been indicted. 


The idea of sharing Tara with another man becomes too much to for Louis to bear, so he lays his feelings on the line and tell her wants her all to himself. Tara is swept up in emotion and the two spend a passionate night together, but things get complicated when Tara learns that her boyfriend will be coming to town. Meanwhile, a chance run in with Jeff Malone leads Jessica to realize that there is still a spark there, but career comes between them once again when she later learns that Jeff is taking a job in Chicago. 


Mike convinces Kevin that getting Jill to cut a deal is the only way to keep her safe, but convincing her to turn on her father won’t be so easy. Meanwhile, Harvey drops the news on Sutter that Jill has been indicted, and tells him that he can cut a deal to save his daughter if he agrees to take prison time. Sutter balks; Jill knows how her bread is buttered, and she can do her time and he’ll take care of her when she gets out. But Harvey has recorded the whole conversation, and when Jill hears what her father has to say she agrees to cut a deal. Sutter realizes, too late, that Harvey set him up. Now he’s going to prison, Jill is safe, and Mike is coming home. Win-win-win!