S6 episode 6 Aired on August 17, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers 

Actions Have Consequences

Mike has a nightmare that Kevin killed Rachel in a drunk driving accident, making it hard for him to be around his cellmate much less find out what Kevin has on his father-in-law. Mike hopes Julius can help him get his head right so he can make good on his end of Cahill’s bargain, but the prison counselor won’t deal in quick fixes; he wants Mike to face the consequences of his actions. Their conversation ends in another argument, so Julius later opens up to Mike about his own rough childhood in an attempt to reach out. 

Harvey and Cahill, Round Two

The indictment finally comes down and the heat is on! Harvey asks Cahill exactly what it is that Kevin has on William Sutter. It turns out that Kevin developed a stock trading algorithm for his father-in-law, but Cahill believes the program is just a cover for Sutter’s insider trading activities and he’s having it subpoenaed to bolster his case. Of course, Sutter claims all his trades are above board, but he has no intention of letting Cahill have access to proprietary information. Harvey manages to block Cahill’s request in court, but their success emboldens Sutter, who pushes Harvey to go in for the kill and move for dismissal. With Mike’s freedom hinging on keeping the case afloat, Harvey tries to slip Cahill a file containing Sutter’s trading program, but the Federal Prosecutor isn’t ready to cross that line. 

A Lie of Omission

Rachel tries to track down a woman named Maria Gomes who could have testified to Leonard Bailey’s innocence but disappeared before the murder trial. Bailey tells Rachel that his public defender had simply let Gomes slip away, but when Rachel does her due diligence, Bailey’s old public defender paints a different picture, one involving Bailey and Gomes being high on meth the night of the murders. Furious, Rachel comes down on Bailey for leaving that little detail out -- if their arrangement is going to work, he needs to be absolutely straight with her. However, she soon learns the point may be moot when Bailey’s execution date is finally set. 

Family Secrets

Hoping to buy some time before the judge can rule on the motion to dismiss, Cahill issues subpoenas to depose both Sutter and Kevin. Sensing opportunity, Harvey sets up a practice deposition with Mike standing in as Cahill, and they play Kevin and Sutter off one another until the two men are at each other’s throats. Kevin is so worked up that he finally reveals the agonizing truth to Mike back in their cell: Sutter is full of shit and the trading program is just a cover. The problem is, Kevin didn’t just take a fall to protect his father-in-law; it turns out his wife was also in on it. Mike suggest Kevin might be able to get immunity for his wife if he turns on Sutter, but Kevin isn’t willing to take that chance and he swears Mike to secrecy about what he has revealed. 

Romance, Louis Style

Louis’ bid on the Hamptons house is accepted, but Tara would really like a tour of Louis’ supposed ancestral home now, and with 60- to 90-day escrow, it’s going to be tough to keep up the pretense. Luckily, Louis has Donna on his side! Red somehow finagles a way to get the current owners out of the house and to make it look like Louis’ family has lived there for generations, but his plan comes crashing down when the current owners come home early. Tara accuses Louis of concocting an elaborate scheme to get free design work out of her, but when he comes clean about his romantic intentions she is touched -- and agrees to dinner! 

Skin in the Game

Cahill shows up at Harvey’s office and opens up about his personal stake in the case. It turns out that his mother was a first grade teacher who lost her pension when it was invested with -- you guessed it -- William Sutter. Why is Cahill telling Harvey this? Because the judge has decided to rule on Harvey’s motion to dismiss after all. And with time almost up, Cahill has decided that he’s willing to cross the line -- he wants Sutter’s program.