S6 episode 4 Aired on August 3, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers 


Mike is resistant to Cahill’s deal -- he’d rather take his chances with his plan to get Gallo out on parole then turn on his one friend on the inside. Harvey wants to get Rachel involved in order to knock some sense into Mike’s head, but Donna warns Harvey that telling Rachel about the deal could ruin whatever future Mike has with her. Fine, but Harvey can’t just sit on his hands. Maybe Cahill can make Mike see reason? The Federal Prosecutor will have to pull another string to make it happen, though, and quickly, before Gallo has the chance to make another move against Mike. 


Louis decides to reconfigure the offices so he’ll never have to look at the douchey faces of Stu and his team of traders again, and winds up falling head over heels in love with the architect he wants to hire. Meanwhile, Rachel meets with a prospective Innocence Project candidate and throws herself into researching his case. However, she starts to feel guilty when she realizes the work is taking her mind off of Mike. 


Gallo tells Mike that he’s taking him up on his offer to help him get early parole, but when Mike drops to his knees in the yard with crippling pain he realizes he’s been poisoned -- Gallo set him up!  Harvey rushes to the prison when he gets word of Mike’s condition and questions Kevin about what happened, but he flips out when he spots Gallo and the two men nearly come to blows before the warden hustles Harvey out. 


Jessica confronts Stu when she learns the trader has been playing fast and loose with their shares of Nathan Burns’s company. Stu tells her he’ll buy it back the stock -- but only if Jessica agrees to a date. Shotgun dating isn’t Jessica’s style, so she engineers a deal that makes the bottom drop out on one of Stu’s other lucrative positions. Stu can see he’s not messing with an amateur and agrees to buy back the Nathan Burns stock AND hires PSL as his new legal representation. 


Mike groggily wakes in an SUV next to Harvey. It turns out the whole scene at the prison had been for show, orchestrated by Harvey, Cahill, and the warden in order to get Mike face time with Cahill. But Harvey takes Mike to Rachel instead, figuring that once Mike sees her there’s no way he won’t take the deal. Meanwhile, when Cahill learns about Harvey’s switcheroo, he rushes to Rachel’s apartment. He and Harvey nearly comes to blows on the steps, only to be interrupted by Mike, who’s told Rachel everything and has decided he’ll be taking the deal.