Accounts Payable
S6 episode 2 Aired on July 20, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers


Mike’s real roommate feels bad about the Frank Gallo situation and tries to make nice, but Mike doesn’t want to have anything to do with the guy who let Gallo into his life, even if his cellmate didn’t have much of a choice. Later, Gallo uses lies about Rachel to goad Mike into taking a swing at him, and Mike soon finds himself on the wrong side of the prison counselor. Mike tries to explain the situation, but with no hard evidence to back up his claim, things don’t look good. As the counselor explains, Mike needs to get with the program if he wants to make it on the inside. 


Donna pulls some strings to get Rachel on the prison visitation list, but Rachel is turned away thanks to Mike’s altercation. Rachel goes running to Harvey for help, and though he puts a positive spin on things for Rachel’s sake, he knows something must be wrong. It’s only when he goes to see Mike that he learns about Gallo. It turns out that Harvey had Gallo put away years ago on racketeering charges. Harvey wants to talk to the warden to get Gallo transferred, but Mike fears Harvey’s interference will only make matters worse, and makes him promise not to lift a finger. However, Gallo orchestrates a run-in with Harvey, and when the inmate’s threats get under Harvey’s skin he snaps and makes some threats of his own, leading Gallo to turn the heat up on Mike. 


Harvey, Jessica, and Louis make an offer to opposing council in the class action suit, but A. Elliott Stemple shows up in court with a claim that will blow up the deal and sink the firm unless they dig deep to pay him off. Harvey decides he should be the one to pay his old adversary, and assures Jessica that he won’t let his personal feelings get in the way of closing this deal. But Stemple’s price is almost too dear: he doesn’t want money, he wants Harvey’s duck painting. Harvey realizes that the only way to keep his firm will be to part with the very personal painting, and he lets it go. 


Jack Soloff wants the partner buy-in money back, and he lets Jessica know that he has an army of lawyers backing him up thanks to his new position at Rand, Kaldor, Zane. Jessica goes to Robert Zane and begs him to tell Jack to back off -- she needs that money, or she’ll be dead in the water. But Jack needs that money, too. It turns out that the mysterious circumstances that put him under Daniel Hardman’s thumb also left him without the money to afford Zane’s buy-in. Jessica is sympathetic, but there is nothing she can do if she wants to keep the firm afloat. However, she later has a change of heart and works out a deal with both Robert and Jack to solve the buy-in problem without anyone else finding out. Go Jessica! 


Mike is furious that Harvey broke his promise, and Rachel soon learns that Harvey has been keeping her in the dark on Mike’s situation and angrily calls Harvey out on it. Realizing he can’t sit idly by with Mike’s life in danger, Harvey asks Sean Cahill to try and pull some strings to get Gallo transferred. Now Harvey owes Cahill one. 


Mike still isn’t happy with Harvey’s move-making, but when Harvey fills him in on the whole story -- that Gallo was originally tried for conspiracy to commit murder but the charges didn’t stick -- he realizes he’s in greater danger than he thought. Mike tries to hide in plain site by taking a job in the prison kitchen, but Gallo and two goons soon come for him in the common area. Thankfully, Mike is saved from a shivving when his cellmate publicly takes Mike’s side and runs to get a guard. Mike finally realizes that if he is going to survive prison -- and Frank Gallo -- he won’t be able to make it on his own.