Admission of Guilt
S6 episode 14 Aired on February 15, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers 

Mike and Harvey kicked off their suit against Velocity Data Solutions this week, only to learn that there is more to Craig Seidel’s story. Meanwhile, Louis finds himself in a tight spot when Harvey leaves him short-handed, and Donna and Benjamin’s artificial intelligence adventure continues. Check out our episode guide to Suits episode 614, “Admission of Guilt”, for all the details!


Mike and Harvey sketch out their plan of attack against Velocity Data Solutions. Harvey can’t be seen as being involved, so for the sake of appearances, Mike will run the suit from the legal clinic. It doesn’t take long for Oliver and Mike to put together a stellar class action suit, but Mike doesn’t expect Velocity’s CEO, James Palmer, to get involved. When Palmer threatens to bring the hammer down on every member of the class and drown Nathan’s clinic in paperwork, Mike has no choice but to reach for the only weapon in his arsenal and tells him that Pearson, Specter, Litt is co-council on the case. So much for keeping Harvey out of it!


Louis asks Harvey to help him to fluff the ego of a fashion company CEO who expects special treatment, but Harvey backs out after Mike gets the firm involved in the Velocity case. Louis is clearly stung but he tries to make lemonade, and at Donna’s suggestion, drafts Rachel and Katrina to take Harvey’s place. The ladies kill it (yay!), but the firm winds up getting fired anyway (boo!). Poor Louis!


Nathan is super pissed about being railroaded into taking the Velocity case, and he has a sneaking suspicion that Mike has an ulterior motive (he’s not wrong). However, it’s Oliver who eventually calls Mike out, demanding an end to the lies. Mike does his usual equivocating but he eventually tells Oliver the truth - he and Harvey are using the case to get Mike back into the Bar. Oliver demands that Mike set the right example and tell Nathan the truth, no matter the consequences.


Benjamin fine tunes The Donna in the hopes that the machine can learn some empathy from its flesh-and-blood namesake, but despite Benjamin’s best efforts he can’t seem to get the programming right. Donna consoles Benjamin when he beats himself up over it, but when Donna gets down on herself later it’s The Donna that steps up and comforts her. Holy shit, it WORKS!


Mike is feeling strong with the full power of PSL behind him, but their grand plan is thrown off the rails when James Palmer figures out what they are up to. But wait, there’s more. It turns out that Craig Seidel isn’t the victim he’s made himself out to be. Harvey pays Seidel a visit to tell him the jig is up, and though Seidel pleads with him to continue the case, Harvey doesn’t care. As far as he’s concerned, the suit is over and Seidel is still going to make good on his promise to get Mike into the bar, or Harvey’s going to dime on him.