Teeth, Nose, Teeth
S6 episode 13 Aired on February 8, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Developments a’plenty this week, as Harvey uncovers a blackmail plot and complications in the Price case lead Mike to consider dipping a toe into ethically murky waters. Elsewhere, Tara’s sonogram gives rise to Louis’s feelings of inadequacy while Benjamin has a lucrative proposal for Donna. Our guide to Suits episode 613, “Teeth, Nose, Teeth,” has the full story so keep reading!

Donna Goes Digital

Donna always thought that Benjamin personally came to update her computer because he enjoyed the gentle ribbing she gave him, but it turns out ol’ Benny’s been developing The Donna, a digital version of everyone’s favorite legal secretary, and now he wants to propose a business partnership. Donna hangs with the digital her for a day, and while she has fun trading quips with the device she eventually realizes that all there is to it is witty one liners, while the thing that makes her special is her heart and intuition. Regrettably, she decides to pass.

Tara’s Sonogram Gets Tense

Louis agrees to let Tara’s ex (and baby-daddy-to-be) Joshua come to the first sonogram, but that doesn’t mean he’s actually cool with the idea. Worried he’s going to blow it (self-knowledge!), Louis turns to Harvey for advice, but he still loses his cool and almost ruins the sonogram anyway -- ironically, because Joshua sends word that he can’t make it! Louis’s reaction underscores how little he and Tara really know each other, and she doesn’t like it. But Louis makes up for it later by bringing Tara some of his childhood mementos to help her get better acquainted with the man she’s going to marry, and she definitely likes that. So much growth!

Mike Settles The Price Case … Almost

Things escalate in the Sophia Price case when her son is rushed to the hospital again, causing them to miss the rent deadline by a mere 18 minutes. Opposing counsel refuses to grant leniency so Mike blocks the eviction by filing a countersuit for reckless endangerment, and he soon has her reaching for her pen to sign a settlement check to the tune of 25K! However, Sofia refuses the settlement -- she’d rather take her chances at trial for a number big enough to take care of her son’s medical problems forever. Looks like this thing is going to court!

Harvey Gets Blackmailed, But Gains Leverage

Rachel fears the worst when she gets a letter from the Character and Fitness Committee refusing to even hear her case, but Harvey and Louis do some digging and learn the truth -- a member of the committee is trying to use Rachel’s pending hearing to get Harvey to bring a suit against one of his competitors, Velocity Data Solutions. Of course, Harvey doesn’t “do” getting blackmailed and he quickly turns the tables, telling his would-be blackmailer to stop blocking Rachel’s confirmation. However, Harvey may be willing to bring the suit in exchange for something else…

Harvey Sees An Opportunity

Harvey tells Mike that his newfound leverage over a member of the Character and Fitness Committee can be exploited to get Mike into the Bar, but they would have to work fast to bring a suit against Velocity Data Solutions. Mike thinks it’s hinky, though -- he doesn’t want to go back to jail, and even if they could find a way to bring the suit legally, they sure as hell wouldn’t be doing it ethically -- and he passes, much to Harvey’s disappointment.

More Complications For Mike

With their most recent court appearance fresh in their minds, Mike tries to find someone besides Oliver to take the lead at trial but comes up empty (Maria’s father is sick and Nathan just needs a night off, dammit!). Mike must spend the night prepping the easily flustered attorney for the trial, but even after all their hard work, Mike can only watch helplessly as opposing counsel once again runs circles around Oliver, forcing the judge to dismiss the case -- and leading Mike to go back to Harvey and take him up on his offer.