S6 episode 10 Aired on September 14, 2016

Warning: Recap contains spoilers 

A Firm On The Edge

Swirling rumors that Harvey tanked William Sutter’s case are threatening the firm’s already-tenuous relationships with their remaining clients, including Jim Reynolds, who’s been left vulnerable to a power play from one of his own. Jessica instructs Harvey and Louis to handle damage control until she is finished with the Leonard Bailey case, but when events take an unexpected turn and Jessica is faced with protecting her firm or seeing Bailey’s case through, she goes with her conscience and chooses Bailey. Luckily, Harvey and Louis are able to put the insurrection at Jim Reynolds’s company down (with some help from Stu) before it can do any more damage. 

Choices to Make

Just getting his footing in the real world again, Mike is surprised when Harvey offers him a job back at the firm. Sure, it would only be as a consultant, but he’d be making as much as he made before, and dammit, Harvey misses working with him! Meanwhile, Mike isn’t the only one wrestling with what the future holds. Louis is blindsided when Tara tells him she’s pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s child, and while he immediately offers to help her raise the child, can he really be that sure? Tara can’t and she wants them both to take some time to think on it. 

The Trial Begins

The Leonard Bailey trial kicks into gear and Jessica and Rachel come out swinging, putting Bailey’s former attorney on the stand and painting her as incompetent. Next, Rachel puts Leonard on the stand in the hopes that his words will win the jury’s sympathies. However, when opposing council counters by calling the victim’s father, Victor Forrest, to spin his own heartbreaking tale of losing his child, Rachel begins to worry that they may not have enough to win. 

A Break in the Case

When something about Victor Forrest’s story doesn’t add up, Rachel and Mike become convinced that he paid for Maria Gomes to check into rehab so that she couldn’t testify at Leonard’s original trial. Mike convinces Jessica to take a page from A Few Good Men and give Forrest the opportunity to fess up in open court. Sure enough, when Jessica puts Forrest on the stand, it doesn’t take much prodding to make him admit to everything. In light of the stunning revelation, Bailey is exonerated. They did it! 

What The Future Holds

After the Bailey victory, Jessica realizes she’s grown tired of fighting for money and power and drops a bomb: she’s leaving the firm. The three partners (and Donna) toast Pearson, Specter, Litt, one last time, before going their separate ways: Jessica to tell Jeff Malone she wants to go with him to Chicago; Louis to ask Tara to marry him (she says yes!); and Harvey to have a drink - with Donna by his side, of course - and ponder what can possibly come next.