Uninvited Guests
S5 episode 9 Aired on August 19, 2015

Harvey manages do narrowly dodge a suspension with a split vote, but the partners are soon blindsided by an even bigger threat waiting in the wings: Daniel Hardman.  With Jack Soloff in his pocket and a billion-dollar client paying his bills, the former name partner finally makes his play to get his foot back in the door.  And while Jessica, Harvey and Louis make a show of solidarity in the face of his strong-arm tactics, Hardman can taste the discontent in the halls of his old firm, and it isn’t long before he’s put a few cracks in their unified front.

Meanwhile, with their recent close call fresh in their minds, the possibility that any day could be the day that Mike is exposed is suddenly all too real for Mike and Rachel. And while they do their best to ease each other’s fears about the future, it isn’t long before their dread seeps into Rachel’s plans for her dream wedding, leading her to butt heads with her mother and giving rise to more nagging doubts about the hope of a happily-ever-after.

At the same time, Hardman promises to start poaching clients until they let him back in the firm, putting Harvey and Mike in a race against time to protect his first target, McKernan Motors.  Elsewhere, Louis gets to digging for whatever would make Jack Soloff throw his lot in with such a bastard.  But while they’ve all faced Hardman’s dirty tricks before, it soon becomes clear that Hardman’s mysterious deep-pocketed moneyman has his own ax to grind with the firm, and he isn’t planning on letting up until he brings them to their knees….