Mea Culpa
S5 episode 8 Aired on August 12, 2015

In the wake of Harvey and Louis’s devastating fight, Donna and Jessica step in to diffuse the tension.  While Donna tries to talk Louis down from a lawsuit, Jessica orders Harvey to take two weeks vacation.  But with Louis furious and Harvey unrepentant, there may be no cooling the situation.

At the same time, Jessica does a complete one eighty on Mike’s promotion.  However, his first case as a Junior Partner soon brings up a face from the past with knowledge of Mike’s tendency to bend the truth, forcing Rachel to confront how far she is really willing to go to keep Mike’s secret safe.

Meanwhile, Harvey opens up to Louis about his panic attacks in the hope of finding common ground.  But while Louis claims to accept Harvey’s apology, the truth is that his wounds are simply too deep to forgive and forget, and he’ll stop at nothing to get Harvey suspended.  Little does he realize that with Daniel Hardman back in town, there may be consequences on the horizon for everyone…