Hitting Home
S5 episode 7 Aired on August 5, 2015

It seems the worm has turned when Jack Soloff comes to Mike looking to make amends with a case perfectly suited to the young associate’s hedge fund background.  Of course, Mike is less than eager to work with the man who so recently stabbed both him and Louis in the back on the Fletcher Engines deal, but with word of that debacle sweeping the firm (and the town) and Daniel Hardman back on the radar, Jessica makes it clear that she can’t afford for Mike to not get close with Soloff. 

Elsewhere, Harvey’s progress in Dr. Agard’s office is having a positive effect in other areas, as he reaches out to Donna in an attempt to start rebuilding their friendship.  But friendship, like therapy, can take time, and Harvey quickly shuts down when the subject of his recent dalliance with Esther Litt comes up. 

And speaking of Esther, Louis’ sister returns, looking for a lawyer to help settle a lawsuit quietly.  It soon becomes clear, though, that the matter can’t be handled discreetly, causing Louis and Esther to butt heads and dredging up old sibling rivalries.  However, it’s the complicated feelings that Esther’s return stirs up in Harvey, and the jealousy those feelings provoke in Louis, that could have far-reaching consequences for the firm….