S5 episode 6 Aired on July 29, 2015

With the financial compensation structure issue put to bed, Jessica asks Louis to steer clear of Jack Soloff for a while and, above all, to try to keep his pettiness in check.  A tall order for Louis, to be sure, but he soon gets to prove his new commitment to harmony when Dominic Barone returns with a personal request – he wants Louis and Mike to help him put a handshake deal through to buy Rangetech, an old friend’s company whose electric battery technology will ensure that McKernan Motors stays viable well into the future.  Louis claims he’ll put his ego aside, but Mike is skeptical that the normally prickly attorney can be a team player. 

At the same time, ego issues abound when Donna butts heads with Gretchen and realizes she may not be able to come through on her promise to help Mike book Rachel’s dream wedding venue.  Elsewhere, Harvey agrees to help a trader whose former firm is accusing him of unauthorized trading, but the case soon touches a nerve when Harvey learns that his opponent’s key witness will be none other than his therapist, Dr. Agard. 

Meanwhile, when Louis and Mike learn that a pending EPA investigation will make Rangetech a bad investment for McKernan, they scramble to surreptitiously find suitable alternative without ruffling Dominic’s feathers.  However, it turns out their new deal runs through Jack Soloff, and while Louis is doing his best to stay true to his promise to put pettiness aside, Jack isn’t quite ready to let bygones be bygones – for Louis, or for Jessica…