Toe To Toe
S5 episode 5 Aired on July 22, 2015

Harvey’s fragile mindstate takes another hit when his nights are interrupted by a dream of Donna in bed with a familiar face – his old nemesis, Travis Tanner.  Ever stubborn, Harvey won’t admit that thoughts of Donna are robbing him of sleep.  Of course, his therapist knows he’s lying.  The question is, why? 

It all starts when Tanner pops up as opposing counsel on behalf of a young woman being sued by her former employer for control of her new business.  With all that has happened lately, Harvey is itching for a good distraction, and an all out slugfest with his frequent rival certainly fits the bill.  But instead of coming out swinging, Tanner offers up a generous settlement and a line about being a changed man.  

Of course, Harvey and Mike don’t believe in Tanner’s new leaf for a second, and things quickly escalate to an all out war that threatens to ruin lives on both sides.  But as the hits keep coming, it’s Tanner who continues to push for a settlement – leading Mike to worry that Harvey is so focused on the fight that he’s forgotten about the possible cost 

Meanwhile, Louis tries to find a way back into Harvey’s good graces by overturning the new compensation structure, but Jessica warns him against any further underhanded dealings.  Of course, Louis can’t seem to help himself, and his latest plan backfires, further solidifying Jack Soloff’s newfound power within the firm and leading Jessica to wonder just how many more of Louis’s screw-ups she is willing to tolerate.