No Puedo Hacerlo
S5 episode 4 Aired on July 15, 2015

Louis’s very lovely, very successful sister arrives at Pearson Specter Litt in search of an attorney to handle her divorce – but she doesn’t want her brother, she wants Harvey.  Taken aback at first, Louis eventually agrees to try and convince Harvey to take his sister’s case.  And though bad blood still simmers between the name partners, Harvey finds himself caving when Louis appeals to his soft spot for familial loyalty. 

Elsewhere, Mike is excited to talk settlements with Robert Zane when the offer from Kelton insurance comes in, but tensions between the young lawyer and his future father-in-law flare when Mike can’t stomach the number.  Robert agrees to bring a counter-offer to the Kelton lawyers against his own best judgment, but when Mike’s plan to secure a bigger windfall for their clients backfires, it leads to greater tensions between the two attorneys. 

Meanwhile, Harvey plans to take the emotional complications out of the divorce proceedings by putting Esther on the sidelines while launching a typically aggressive negotiation against her soon-to-be ex.  But when allegations of broken promises and infidelity surface, the case threatens to become a lot more thorny for everyone involved.