S5 episode 2 Aired on July 1, 2015

Familial tensions flare when Robert Zane presents Rachel with a prenup for Mike to sign. 

At the same time, Harvey begins the hunt for a new legal secretary and deals with an old client who wants to sell his multi-million dollar sneaker company for a third of its value.  

And elsewhere, Mike’s old pal Jimmy gives him an engagement present that’s right up his alley: a pro-bono case involving a class action suit against an insurance company that allegedly cut benefits to hundreds of deserving patients.  One meeting with the lead witness is enough to convince Mike that the case has merit, but selling Jessica will be another story. 

Meanwhile, when Jack Soloff approaches Louis with a plan to alter the firm’s compensation formula in a way that would adversely affect Harvey, Louis sees Jack’s play as a chance to back Harvey in the wake of the Donna situation.  But Harvey is in no mood to mend fences, and his ungrateful attitude leads to an argument involving Donna’s salary that only widens the chasm between the two name partners – and leaves the door open for the ambitious Soloff to make an aggressive move.