25th Hour
S5 episode 16 Aired on March 2, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers


Mike and Gibbs finalize their deal, and Mike stipulates that Gibbs add a provision that she can’t renegotiate with Harvey -- he doesn't want Gibbs using their deal as leverage for another deal down the road. As for Harvey, he arrives too late, but he’s not yet ready to throw in the towel and he tries to convince the judge to nullify the deal. Meanwhile, Rachel is furious that Mike broke his word to her. But as Mike makes clear, he has made his decision. Those who care about him can cry and stamp their feet as much as they want but there is no undoing it.


Robert Zane has found a way to bust PSL’s non-compete, leaving Jessica and Louis scrambling to find out what trick he has up his sleeve before every last partner walks out the door. They don’t move fast enough, though, and when Jack Soloff tenders his resignation, Jessica tries to sue her way out of it. It turns out that Zane has done nothing illegal -- he’s simply found a loophole in PSL’s by-laws: according to Jessica’s own morals clause, any partner can leave the firm if a name partner has knowingly participated in a crime. And thanks to Katrina Bennett, Zane has recorded proof that Louis knew all about Mike. It’s only when Louis reminds his old protégé of an indiscretion of her own that they manage to turn the tables and protect the firm…for now.


Harvey tracks down the jury foreman in the hopes that learning the verdict will help him accept the situation, but the truth is almost too much to bear: Mike was going to be found innocent. To make matters worse, Mike shows up at Harvey’s office asking if he has done the right thing. What else can Harvey say but yes? After telling him he was going to be found guilty, Harvey sets to work to undo the situation. But try as he might, he can’t find a way around the deal, until he and Donna come up with a plan to trade Liberty Rail for Mike’s life and manage to convince Jessica to help. Unfortunately, Gibbs isn’t interested in the deal; too little, way too late.


Furious that Mike went back on his word and stole two years of their lives, Rachel wallows in shock and sadness, leaving Mike to wonder if he has done the right thing. His decision is vindicated when Harvey tells him that the verdict was going to be guilty, and, a weight lifted, he reconciles with Rachel and goes about planning their wedding. It’s only when Mike shows up at Harvey’s place to ask him to be his best man that he learns the truth, and when Harvey goads him into a fight, all of his built-up anger and frustration finally come roaring out in a flurry of punches.


The big day arrives and Rachel is glowing. Thanks to Jessica, her parents have even come. But when Mike walks into the church and locks eyes with Robert and Laura he realizes he can’t go through with it. In a heartbreaking scene, he tells Rachel that he can’t be responsible for taking away her future; she needs to finish law school and become a lawyer, and when he gets out they can get married. That is, if she still wants to. So while Jessica, Louis and Donna head back to the firm, only to find the office empty, Harvey ends up being the one to chauffeur Mike to prison. As the two men stand facing the prison, Mike claims that if he had it to do all over again, he wouldn’t change a thing. The two men share a goodbye, and then Harvey watches as the prison gate shuts behind Mike.