God's Green Earth
S5 episode 13 Aired on February 10, 2016


Mike and Harvey get the judge to order U.S. Attorney Anita Gibbs to hand over her discovery, but the tradeoff is that the trial is set for only two weeks away. And Gibbs continues to keep them on the defensive, attempting to bully Rachel into making a deal by threatening to ruin her future as a lawyer. The determined prosecutor also works behind the scenes to tear down Pearson, Specter, Litt, pseudonymously publishing an Op-Ed piece that hacks away at the firm’s standing in the legal community. Soon the tightknit team is coming apart, and Mike is questioning whether he should be the one to take the lead on his defense -- and that’s before they learn that Gibbs got to Trevor.  It all begs the question: could she be Harvey and Mike’s most formidable opponent yet?


Rachel thinks Anita is just trying to get into her head when the aggressive U.S. Attorney dangles her dream future precariously in front of her. But when the Dean of Columbia Law threatens to expel her in connection with the charges against Mike, Rachel realizes that Anita isn’t bluffing. Meanwhile, Harvey warns Mike about retaliating against Gibbs but Mike is too furious to listen. Instead, he goes to Scottie behind Harvey’s back to see if she’ll bring an action against Anita Gibbs’ sister (a move that is not only ethically questionable but also emotionally tone deaf, since Scottie pretty much blames Mike for the dissolution of her relationship with Harvey). You can bet that Harvey isn’t pleased, but they soon figure out Gibbs’ game and secure everyone a little breathing room… for now.


Alarm bells go off in Mike’s head when he sees that Gibbs’s co-counsel is David Green, one of the people that Mike took the LSAT for in the bad old days. Harvey assures Mike that Green would only be putting his own career on the line if he came forward with that information, but after the Dean’s threatens Rachel and suggests that Mike may have taken the LSAT for her, all signs point to Green. Mike confronts his former client and gets him to admit that he made an anonymous tip, giving Mike and Harvey the leverage they need to get Gibbs to back off Rachel.


After Gibbs’ op-ed makes Pearson, Specter, Litt look weak, Jessica sends Jack Soloff to poach an entire department from a rival firm. Talk about sending a message! But Jessica has underestimated just how much damage has been done, and soon Jack is the one being wooed with a big-money offer from a rival firm. The question is, will Jack jump ship? God knows he’d be justified, but the truth is that sticking with Jessica is still his best bet at one day seeing his name on the wall. So for now, Jack is staying put, and he gives Jessica a packet of information containing everything that Daniel Hardman has on him as a token of his trust.


It turns out the op-ed has also made Pearson, Specter, Litt radioactive when it comes to attracting students to the summer Associate program, forcing Louis to take drastic action to protect the firm: convince Sheila -- sure to be one of Gibbs’ star witnesses -- to leave the country to avoid testifying. In a heartbreaking scene, Louis gives Sheila a taste of what Harvey will do to her on the stand, grilling her until she breaks and agrees to take a ticket to Argentina.


After’s Mike’s surprise visit, Scottie figures Harvey is the one who put his protégé up to it and shows up at her ex’s office to tear him a new one. The reunion with Scottie — however unpleasant it may have been — later inspires Harvey to reveal that he’s been seeing a shrink and to ask if he can call her again if he ever gets his head screwed on straight. As it turns out, Scottie has been in therapy, too. Here’s hoping these two crazy kids can finally get their act together!