S5 episode 10 Aired on August 26, 2015

With Forstman’s promise hanging over his head, Harvey clears his day for an emergency meeting with Dr. Agard. While Harvey fears that his resignation will cause the House of Pearson Specter Litt to crumble, it’s an episode from his past that Dr. Agard is more interested in: the time that Harvey chose to reveal his mother’s infidelity to his father.

Harvey isn’t the only one facing down old demons.  Shaken by his meeting with Trevor, Mike pays a visit to his old Catholic School priest.  But although Mike may be seeking absolution, Father Walker is not necessarily quite ready to hand out forgiveness for past—or present—sins.

Meanwhile, Jessica is caught off guard by news that Jack will be calling for an emergency vote of no confidence to have her removed from the firm she has worked so hard to build.  With Harvey nowhere to be found, it’s up to Jessica and Louis to mount a defense and rally the partners to their side.  But Forstman’s bottomless pockets have imbued Hardman with near-limitless power, and he’ll stop at nothing to see his enemies crushed under his heel.  And when he puts Louis in a position where he must choose between firm and family, it begins to seem that nothing will stop the vindictive former partner from achieving his goal…