S5 episode 1 Aired on June 24, 2015

It’s a new day at Pearson, Specter, Litt, and as much as Harvey may want to pretend everything will go back to normal, the truth is that Donna is leaving him to go work for Louis.  Never one to embrace change, Harvey tries to go about business as usual, but it soon becomes clear that the shake up has him off his game, so much so that he’s seeing a shrink. 

While Harvey may be holding his breath for a return to status quo, Donna is ready to forge ahead with the new normal.  Louis, too, is ecstatic at the thought of having Donna by his side, but old doubts soon creep in and things get off to a rocky start, especially when Harvey fans the flames of Louis’s insecurities. 

At the same time, it’s all bliss in Mike and Rachel’s world as the two bask in the glow of their recent engagement.  The lovebirds make plans to slowly spread their good news, but their announcement is put on hold when they learn about the shakeup on Harvey’s desk.  Rachel steps in to help ease Harvey through the transition, but when the arrangement leads to a misstep with a local trucking magnate fighting to save his company from bankruptcy, it soon becomes clear that Harvey’s refusal to face facts and find a replacement for Donna could have dire consequences for the whole firm.