S4 episode 9 Aired on August 13, 2014

His betrayal finally laid bare, Louis informs Harvey and Jessica that he plans to do the right thing and confess.  But Jessica knows that Sean Cahill is coming for them no matter what, and Louis’s confession will only serve to taint Harvey and Mike’s innocence with the appearance of guilt. 

Backed against a wall, the only thing to do is come out swinging, and they soon find old emails implying Cahill’s crusade is nothing more than a part of Eric Woodall’s revenge plot.  But the members of Pearson Specter have secrets of their own, and with so many people digging around, it’s only a matter of time until something big is unearthed.

Meanwhile, when Louis realizes that Jessica plans to fire him when the case is settled, the desperate attorney searches for a way, any way, to make things right and save his colleagues.  But while Louis may have the best of intentions at heart, his attempt to get his friends out of trouble may only put them in deeper in the end…