S4 episode 4 Aired on July 9, 2014

Seven clients.  Seven subpoenas.  It seems the Securities and Exchange Commission’s assault has begun in earnest.  Jeff and Jessica take the fight to SEC attack dog Sean Cahill, but when new information is revealed that casts Jeff in a dubious light, he may have to put his neck on the line to get the firm out of trouble. 

Elsewhere, Logan comes to Rachel for help in evaluating prospects for his next big deal, but Rachel suspects he has other motives besides business.  However, her own feelings on the situation may be more complicated than even she realizes.

Meanwhile, Mike’s takeover of Gillis Industries continues to gather steam, but while Sidwell applauds his daring in leveraging their company to snap up Gillis stock, he makes it clear that if Mike doesn’t find the cash to deleverage them, he’ll be out of a job.

At the same time, Harvey taps Louis for a counter-offensive, but when Mike gets personal to gain the upper hand, it sets off an escalating game of tit for tat that could shatter relationships, and leave Mike wondering how far he’s willing to go to come out on top…