Two In The Knees
S4 episode 3 Aired on June 25, 2014

His patience wearing thin, Logan questions whether Harvey has the stomach to hit Mike below the belt, leaving Harvey torn between staying true to his client or true to his friend.

Elsewhere, Louis attempts to extend the olive branch to Jeff Malone.  Seeing opportunity in Louis’s friendly overture, Jeff uses Louis’s desire to make amends as a way to get closer to Jessica, but his manipulations soon lead to a big misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, Logan orders Harvey to hire a private investigator to air Mike’s dirty laundry.  Knowing full well what would happen to Mike if the skeleton’s in his closet were to get out, Harvey searches for another way to use Mike’s past against him without destroying his life.  But Mike doesn’t see Harvey’s move as an act of mercy: he sees it as an attack.  And as tempers flare and the conflict escalates, it seems that things are about to get a lot more personal for everyone involved…


  • Unlikely Roommates – Logan Sanders’ office in this episode may seem new and contemporary, but it’s being played by Harvey’s apartment! The set for Harvey’s apartment has traditionally been a bit of a “Franken-set” – commonly being repurposed and redressed to act as different settings.
  • Family & Friends Ties – Michael Gross, who plays Gillis Industries CEO Walter Gillis may be better known as Steven Keaton on Family Ties. The writer of this episode, Chris Downey, previously worked on King of Queens, a show that was created by former Family Ties writer Michael Weithorn. This Weithorn-Connection was immortalized with a picture of Chris Downey and Michael Gross, which was immediately sent to their  mutual friend, Michael Weithorn. 
  • The Front and The Back – When Louis approaches Donna with his belief that Jeff Malone is making a pass at him, Donna doesn’t believe Louis at first. But finally, she lets Louis believe that she’s been convinced, exclaiming: “Shut the front door!” This line was an adlib on set by actress Sarah Rafferty. Louis’ response of: “No, I want to shut the back door” was another adlib – this one courtesy of episode director Anton Cropper.
  • A Change in Scene – When Harvey goes to Mike to try to give up his bid for Gillis Industries, Donna confronts Harvey and tells him there’s no way Mike will listen to him. This scene was originally meant to take place entirely in the PS elevator bank. However, because it was a long scene, director Anton Cropper wanted to give it movement. He broke up the scene into three locations: the elevator bank, the elevator, and the building lobby. Making this scene a walk-and-talk and changing locations gave it more energy.
  • Pardon-Moi? – In the scene where Harvey attempts to strong-arm a banking executive into ending Gillis Industries’ line of credit, Mike ambushes in and stops him by pointing out the illegality. However, in the filming of the scene, Harvey was stopped by something else entirely. The lunch scene was filmed at a restaurant called The Chase. The downstairs was shut down so Suits could film, but the upstairs was being rented for a private party. Despite the many cameras and extras pantomiming, a restaurant patron walked right up to actor Gabriel Macht and asked him where the restaurant upstairs was located. Without missing a beat, Gabriel responded: “Upstairs.”