Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
S4 episode 2 Aired on June 18, 2014

As the battle for Gillis Industries begins in earnest, Mike and Rachel agree to not let work life affect their home life.  However, as word gets out about Rachel and Logan’s past, that proves to be easier said than done.  When Mike’s clever maneuvering prompts Logan to attempt to buy him out, Harvey worries about what could happen when these two young hotshots take seats on opposite sides of the negotiating table.  But while both Mike and Logan claim they can keep things civil, their emotions soon get the better of them.

At the same time, Jeff Malone’s hiring shatters Louis’s dreams of name partnership, but his despair soon turns to competitive fire when he learns the new addition to the firm will be taking one of his cases.  And elsewhere, Jessica deals with her own feelings for Jeff Malone as she struggles to keep their formerly personal relationship professional.

Meanwhile, when Harvey finds a way to use Mike’s promise to Walter Gillis against him, he puts his former protégé in the position of having to make a difficult choice in order to fight another day…


My Boss: The Chair – When Louis practices his pitch to head up a defense against the
SEC, he does so before a chair that has sticky notes acting as Jessica’s face. This was a
find during production. A sticky note was originally placed on the chair so actor Rick
Hoffman would know where to look while delivering his lines. However, they had so
much fun with it, they decided to keep them on for the takes. They experimented with a
single sticky note with a face drawn on it, before settling on individual sticky notes for
the eyes and mouth.

Union Representative or International Spy?! – The Union Representative who serves
on the board of Gillis Industries is a crucial vote for Harvey to obtain. When he visits him
at his office, fans of Covert Affairs might recognize that they allowed Suits to use their
set for this scene. Of course, it involved production designers “CIA-ing it down” and
“Union-ing it up.” Though they may not appear in the episode, they added union posters
and signs outside of his office.

Where’s the picture? – Donna gives Louis a picture of her playing Ophelia as an officewarming
present. However, when shooting the episode, the picture of Donna had not yet
been taken. This meant that on set, Donna was simply handing Louis a picture frame of a
green square that the actual photo could be added to in post-production. However, in
future episodes, the picture in Louis’ office is a physical photograph.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner – The name of the episode comes from a stand off
between Louis Litt and new partner Jeff Malone, in which Louis compares Jeff Malone to
a “crowing cock.” In the scene, actor Rick Hoffman improvised many gestures such as
licking his fingers and did numerous takes, creating a solid 15 minutes of material for that
scene alone. His antics had the cast and crew struggling to hold in pent-up laughter, only
to burst when “cut” was yelled.

Moving Buddies – Before Donna enters with Louis’ office warming present, the writers
needed a small moment between Louis and Katrina. Katrina had prompted Louis into
action and he would surely be happy to let her know about his new office. Improvised on
the set was the action of Katrina moving a table into the perfect position to show that
Louis’ corner office had officially been “moved into.”