Not Just A Pretty Face
S4 episode 16 Aired on March 4, 2015

Harvey may have thought he was done with the SEC, but the SEC isn’t done with him.  It seems that even though he served up Eric Woodall and Charles Forstman on a silver platter, Sean Cahill hasn’t been able to find the money that proves their illicit partnership.  Now, with only five days until the SEC shuts down his investigation, Cahill needs Harvey’s help to make his case or Forstman and Woodall will escape justice. 

At the same time, Donna finds distraction from thoughts of Harvey when she steps in to help Louis deal with the death of his executive assistant, Norma.  Louis makes no attempt to hide his long-simmering disdain for his battle-axe of a secretary, but his anger soon gives way to an outpouring of emotion that leads Donna to do some soul searching about her future and her feelings for Harvey. 

Meanwhile, Mike and Rachel shake Woodall’s family tree in the hopes of finding a clue to where he hid Forstman’s dirty money.  But hard evidence is tough to come by where Charles Forstman is involved, and when Cahill makes it clear that someone close could be in danger should Woodall walk, Harvey realizes he may have to make peace with a chapter of his life that he’s long tried to put behind him….