S4 episode 14 Aired on February 18, 2015

An unexpected call from Professor Henry Gerard soon leads Mike to a former Liberty Rail employee with a story about faulty sensors in connection to the recent train crash.  Firm policy dictates they avoid whistleblower cases for fear of alienating their corporate clients, but Mike’s fervent plea on behalf of the innocent victims of the crash convinces Harvey to make an exception. 

Elsewhere, Jessica deals with conflicted feelings when Jeff tries to surprise her with a trip to Paris, while Louis wrestles with his rage when he learns the receptionists are dropping his name from the phone greeting. 

Meanwhile, Mike pursues Liberty Rail with a vengeance, but Harvey begins to worry that his principled protégé is taking the case too personally for both himself and the good of the firm.  And when information surfaces that casts Mike’s whistleblower in a less than scrupulous light, Mike and Harvey butt heads over the future of the suit, leading Donna to make a bold move to stop the crack in their relationship from becoming a chasm….