Fork In The Road
S4 episode 13 Aired on February 11, 2015

As the waves begin to settle in the wake of Louis’s power move, Jessica asks Harvey to make peace with Louis.  But as Harvey points out, Louis isn’t going to make peace until he can forgive Mike, and finding a way to make him do that won’t be easy. 

Flashback to six years earlier, when Mike had abandoned his dreams of a career in law for the life of a bike messenger, and Harvey and Louis were still associates climbing the ranks of Pearson Hardman.  Harvey ducks Louis’s overtures of friendship, but he changes his tune when Louis presents him with a plan to get both of them a bump up to Junior Partner.  However, Daniel Hardman soon pits the would-be team against each other, sowing the seeds of the competition that will come to define their relationship. 

Meanwhile, Mike tells a little white lie in the hopes of impressing an attractive young law student, but he soon finds her ambition has awakened his own sense of purpose.  However, he’ll soon get a reminder that intelligence and good intentions don’t make up for cut corners. 

Back in the present day, Harvey orchestrates a road trip to see an old client, putting Louis and Mike in close quarters with nothing to do but talk.  But while Harvey hopes the situation will bring closure between the two, it may only wind up fanning the flames of Louis’s animosity…