S3 episode 8 Aired on September 3, 2013

As Donna tends to Harvey’s wounds, the bruised attorney promises to make Stephen pay for all he has done.  But the truth is that the entire situation is the result of Edward Darby’s misguided attempt to help Ava, and while the managing partner can fire Stephen, it falls on Harvey and Jessica to clean up his mess.  So while Mike tries to get Colonel Mariga to come clean about the murders, Harvey attempts to appeal to Cameron’s sense of morality.  Of course, Cameron isn’t prepared to give up his fight based on Harvey’s say so – he wants proof. 

At the same time, still seething over his loss of Mikado, Louis picks a fight with his old associate Harold Gunderson.  But when Harold proves to be a surprisingly able opponent, Louis’s anger may push him to go a step too far.

Meanwhile, Harvey takes a calculated risk by putting Stephen on the stand, but his gamble only winds up digging Ava in deeper.  With time running out, Harvey and Jessica have one last hope of saving Ava, but for their plan to work, Cameron isn’t the only one who will have to see the truth and take responsibility for the things he’s done…