Shadow Of A Doubt
S3 episode 5 Aired on August 13, 2013

Seeing a chance to put Ava Hessington’s murder trial to bed, Harvey looks for proof that Cameron Dennis colluded with Tony Gionopolis in his takeover attempt, and teams up with Stephen Huntley to rattle the corporate raider’s cage.

Elsewhere, Mike enlists Rachel’s help to recover $30 Million from an embezzling accountant, but their first case as a couple brings up Rachel’s fears about Mike meeting her parents.  However, when Rachel’s father lets it slip that his daughter has been keeping secrets about her plans for law school, it’s Mike’s fears about their relationship that are exposed.

Meanwhile, Donna finally reveals her affair with Stephen to Harvey, and while Harvey claims to be ok with the situation, when Stephen goes behind Harvey’s back to hit Gionopolis below the belt, things get personal very fast.

Now, with Gionopolis driving Hessington oil stock prices down in retaliation, Harvey must turn to Jessica for help, a move that causes him to wonder whether he has made the wrong allegiances in his quest for a bigger piece of the firm…