Yesterday's Gone
S3 episode 12 Aired on March 13, 2014

After all the near misses and cover ups to keep Mike’s secret safe, his worst fears have finally been realized: Louis knows.  And now he’s invited the infamous Professor Henry Gerard to Pearson Specter to out Mike for the fraud that he is.  Realizing it will take more than Donna’s smooth talk to get them out of this one, Harvey tells Mike to sit tight while he brings the situation to Jessica’s attention.

But Harvey decides to keep Jessica out of it when he learns that her ex-husband, Quentin Sands, has finally succumbed to ALS, the disease he fought so hard to cure.  Both Jessica and Harvey have been named co-executors of Quentin’s will, and while Jessica’s history with Quentin’s wife, Lisa, has been rocky, she claims she can keep things professional.  However, Jessica bristles at Lisa’s intentions to sell Quentin’s company to a major pharmaceutical firm, and when she tries to sabotage the sale behind Harvey’s back, Harvey worries that his business partner can’t let go of her previous hurts.

Meanwhile, Rachel isn’t content to sit around waiting for the axe to fall on she and Mike’s shared future.  But while Mike isn’t able to engender any sympathy in Louis, Rachel moves the outraged Senior Partner to forgiveness – but he still won’t let Mike off the hook, not completely.  And when even Harvey’s attempt to fix the situation comes up short, the only hope for Mike’s future lies in Louis learning to forget the past.