Buried Secrets
S3 episode 11 Aired on March 6, 2014

With the Hessington Oil case behind them and the firm on the rebound, Harvey and Mike enjoy a few moments of domestic bliss with the ladies in their lives.  But while Rachel’s decision to move in with Mike is putting him on cloud nine, Harvey’s situation is, well, complicated.  For starters, Scotty wants to know exactly what “I want you in my life” really means.  Plus, Jessica is more than a little unhappy that Harvey didn’t tell her about his plan to offer his girlfriend a job.  And while she would normally jump at the chance to bring on a partner like Scotty, Harvey’s relationship track record is giving her pause for concern.

Elsewhere, Mike takes the reins on a case when he learns that opposing counsel is the same lawyer who preyed on his family’s weakness after the car crash that killed his parents.  Mike attacks the case with a vengeance, but as his emotions begin to overtake the facts, he finds himself in danger of becoming the very man he despises.

At the same time, Louis’s discovery in the Harvard file room prompts him to go snooping into Mike’s history.  And while Donna manages to briefly put him off the scent of Mike’s secret, Louis won’t rest long with the sanctity of his beloved firm on the line.

Meanwhile, Scotty balks when Jessica asks her to pay her partner buy-in up front as a show of good faith.  Hoping to strike a compromise, Harvey helps Scotty land a big fish in order to prove her commitment to the firm.  But despite Harvey’s best assurances, he can’t get it through his head that actions still speak louder than words, and Jessica and Scotty are both a little too familiar with Harvey Specter’s past to take solace in his promises for the future…


Peanuts and Cracker JackHarvey is actually eating peanuts right before he follows Mike into the deposition with Rinaldi. Gabriel Macht  wanted  a big brown bag  of  peanuts  as his  “game  time”   food  to watch  Mike  go after Rinaldi.   Gabriel ­cracked the  peanuts  out of  their  shell  before  shooting  to   eliminate  any  possible mess  and  for  easier  snacking.

The  Most  Decorated  Olympian  and  a  Suits Fan – In  the  midseason   premiere, Michael Phelps  has  a  cameo  as  himself,  a  client Scottie  is  hoping  to  sign. The dinner  scene  with  Phelps, Scottie,  and Harvey  featured  plenty  of improve that  wasn’t used for the episode  but featured  Phelps proving his  Suits   IQ.  In  one  improvised  take,  Michael  Phelps stated  he “would  have  what  Harvey’s  drinking.” This led to a brief discussion on what’s Harvey’s drink of choice?  As  cast  and  crew thought  on  the issue,  Phelps  quickly  stated  the   obvious  and correct answer: “Scotch.”       

Sharp Dressed Man - Michael  Phelps not only  provided one  of the  most memorable  cameos in  Suits  history, but  he  also  gave  our costume department  a  break  by  providing  his  own  wardrobe.  Phelps wore a Tom Ford shirt and was quite fond of his Armani suit.    

The Kid Stays in The Picture  –  Callum  Holland  portrayed  Young  Mike Ross in  this  episode  during Mike’s  flashbacks  to  the  day  after  his parents  died   tragically  in  a  car  accident.  Everyone on set was very impressed by his acting in what was a very emotional scene.       

Grammy’s back?!  – In Mike’s flashback to Rinaldi meeting with his Grammy, Edith  Ross,  we  do not  see the  face  of  Grammy  from  Young Mike’s  viewpoint   from  the steps. And it’s  a  good thing  -­- as he would  not  have  recognized  her  as Rebecca Schull,  who has  previously  portrayed  Grammy.  In the flashback, a Grammy body double was used.