S2 episode 4 Aired on July 12, 2012

The return of Harvey's old opponent, Travis Tanner, irks Harvey when he learns that Travis is reopening one of his old cases, a wrongful death suit against the automobile manufacturer Coastal Motors that Harvey had successfully quashed four years prior. It seems Tanner has new evidence in the case regarding a memo he claims was covered up, and he's coming after not only CM, but Harvey and Pearson Hardman as well.

Worried that Hardman will use the fraud allegations as leverage for a power play, Jessica tells Harvey to keep things quiet and end the matter quickly. However, quick goes out the window when Tanner's personal vendetta scuttles Harvey's relationship with Coastal Motors.

At the same time, Mike is forced to work with Louis, and he's not exactly relishing the opportunity. Surprisingly, Mike begins to form a newfound respect for the acerbic attorney when he sees him operate, but Louis's suspicious nature soon threatens to derail their budding friendship.

Meanwhile, Harvey discovers that Tanner was right about the cover up within CM. But Tanner won't just be satisfied to win for his client; he wants a win for himself, and that means taking Harvey down. Too bad Harvey doesn't realize just how exposed he actually is...