S2 episode 16 Aired on February 21, 2013

With Hardman and the Folsom Foods case in the rearview, Jessica is ready to celebrate the firm's newfound strength, and that means a party to announce the merger. But Harvey isn't ready to let that happen without a fight, and he slaps Edward Darby with a lawsuit and tenders a wager: if Harvey wins, the merger is off and Darby and his firm head back to England; if Harvey loses...well, he's not planning on losing.

At the same time, Louis deals with a challenge from his British counterpart whose snooty air and ruthless efficiency has Pearson Hardman's resident hatchet man fearing for his future. And elsewhere, the story of Rachel's rejection from Harvard leaves Mike feeling torn between helping her and keeping his secret safe.

Meanwhile, Harvey sets to work beating Darby, but he seems outgunned at every turn. As the pressure mounts, it becomes clear that if he wants to win, Harvey may have to cross a line. But Harvey isn't the only one at the firm with an agenda, and while some may get what they want when the dust settles, others may crumble under the weight of the secrets they've been keeping...