Zane vs. Zane
S2 episode 13 Aired on January 31, 2013

Harvey and Jessica find their hands full when the infamous Robert Zane signs on as opposing council in a gender discrimination case. Name partner at his own firm, Robert also happens to be the father of Pearson Hardman's most senior paralegal. But Rachel's relationship with her father is complicated, and after a birthday lunch ends badly, Rachel demands that Mike accept her help in kicking dad's ass.

At the same time, Louis attempts to assert his authority over Harvey's latest hire: former ADA Katrina Bennett. Katrina has no interest in kissing the ring, though, and she soon instigates an escalating game of one-upsmanship with the prideful senior partner.

Meanwhile, Robert Zane quickly jumps on the offensive, drastically cutting the previous settlement offer and threatening to drag Harvey's client in for a potentially painful deposition. But when Harvey retaliates by bringing Rachel into the deposition, things get personal, and what started as settlement talks threatens to become an all-out blood bath...