High Noon
S2 episode 10 Aired on August 23, 2012

After weeks of waiting, the votes are cast and the moment of truth is finally at hand: Daniel Hardman is once again managing partner of Pearson Hardman. While Jessica does her best to accept the turn of events gracefully, Harvey has no intention of surrendering to the new order without a fight. But his legs are cut out from under him by Hardman's machinations and with Louis eager to wield his newfound power. This may be a battle Harvey can't win.

At the same time, Mike deals with Grammy' death by burying himself in work, but the truth is, he's teetering on the edge. After an emotional outburst leads Harvey to send him home, Mike backslides hard into an old vice, leaving Rachel to pick up the pieces and get him to Grammy's funeral. Thankfully, the appearance of his childhood girlfriend Tess seems to give Mike the strength to make it through. However, Tess's return soon threatens to wreak havoc on Mike's already complicated relationship with Rachel.

Meanwhile, with both Harvey and Mike staggering from the hits they've taken, mentor and mentee find a new common ground that solidifies their bond - and leads to a bold plan to take Hardman down for good. But Louis is laser-focused on bringing an end to the Harvey Specter-era at Pearson Hardman, and with Harvey and Mike so off balance, their audacity may lead to their ultimate undoing.