Identity Crisis
S1 episode 8 Aired on August 11, 2011

Harvey is scheduled to depose a man who is suspected of playing a part in embezzling money from a large non-profit charity that builds houses for the homeless. Louis starts the deposition without him after Harvey finds Jerome Jensen, the CEO of a massive natural gas fracking company, waiting for him in his office. Jensen is one of Pearson & Hardman's biggest clients but he's not there to talk business. He wants Harvey to find out why his 25-year-old daughter needs a fake ID card. Of course, Harvey laterally delegates this headache and distraction to Mike.

When Harvey returns to the conference room to begin his deposition of the embezzlement suspect, he discovers that Louis has started without him and the suspect has inadvertently died from heart failure. This is the only suspect they have in the embezzlement case.

Louis and Harvey must - gulp - work together in order to get this embezzlement case back on track. Louis wants to go to the top of the chain and interrogate them, but Harvey wants to find a money trail. They'll need to set their differences aside if they're going to close this case.

Meanwhile, Mike has found Jensen's daughter. But he's morally torn when she tells him that she has been embezzling from her father's natural gas company... but only to help those whose health have been affected by the company's irresponsible method of gas fracking. Mike must choose whether to help or turn in this modern day Robin Hood.