Tricks of the Trade
S1 episode 6 Aired on July 28, 2011

Harvey Specter has negotiated a deal with the Dept. of Justice that will reduce the amount of jail time a woman, Gabby Stone, will have to face for a guilty plea to an insider trading charge. After Gabby agrees to the terms, Harvey tells Mike to stay in the conference room with her while he retrieves the paperwork. What could go wrong? Moments after Mike leaves to get Gabby some water, he returns to find an empty conference room.

After Harvey chews out Mike, Mike shows Harvey a cell phone that Gabby left behind. Harvey goes into damage control mode and Mike heads off to find Gabby on his own based on a text message lead from her cell phone. When Mike and Harvey finally track Gabby down, they find her trying to locate evidence of a tip sheet that would expunge her guilt. She doesn't seem like a guilty person.

Mike and Harvey know in their hearts that she may very well be innocent. But will Harvey take the high road in proving it and, at the same time, shattering his relationship with one of Pearson & Hardman's biggest clients? Mike might be the perfect person to convince him.