Inside Track
S1 episode 3 Aired on July 7, 2011

At a car show, Harvey introduces Mike to the CEO of the first client he brought to Pearson Hardman. But the new head of McKernon Motors, Robert Stensland, shocks Harvey when he announces a plan to sell their factory land here in the U.S. and move manufacturing overseas. As a lawyer and a racing-junkie, Harvey knows that these plans will jeopardize the company's relationship with the firm and the quality of their engines.

Harvey tasks Mike to find a flaw in the company's bylaw that will solve this problem. It only takes him one all-nighter to discover that Robert Stensland is actually still only the interim CEO of McKernon Motors and that he has to be officially voted in by the board in order to move the factory. Mike and Harvey just have to find the right man to replace Stensland. But will Louis and Jessica stand in Harvey's way?

Meanwhile, Harvey is thrown an initiation party for making senior partner, and Louis asks Mike to organize the traditional ''rookie dinner.'' When Mike goes to Harvey for help in picking out a restaurant, he gets a better idea about what it means to be a lawyer and how to build up a strong work ethic.