Errors and Omissions
S1 episode 2 Aired on June 30, 2011

Mike and Harvey are representing Wyatt, a venture capitalist who invented a satellite phone that fits in a pocket. Instead of sitting in on the high-stakes investor meeting, Harvey tells Mike to file the patent update. Mike takes a short cut by getting a fellow associate, Gregory, to help file the patent update in exchange for proofing Gregory's active brief. But the brief turns out to be thousands of pages long. To make matters worse, when Mike doesn't finish the brief after an all-nighter, Gregory doesn't follow through with filing the patent update. And Harvey is steamed when he finds out that another party has beaten Mike to the chase by filing the patent first.

But it's not just Mike who is making the multi-million dollar investment sale harder than it has to be. After harsh penalties are brought against Harvey for showing up late to court and using a cell phone, Harvey confronts the honorable Judge Pearl with questions about this rash hostility. Back in the judge's quarters, Harvey goes pale when Pearl tells him he doesn't like him professionally or personally because Harvey slept with his wife.

Now, both Mike and Harvey must do damage control by heading off their patent opponent with a high-risk interference claim and also by confronting the judge's wife who might not be as honest as she looks.