When a lightning strike leaves a good woman dead and a gigantic asshole alive and yelling in the back of their rig, Johnny, Hank and the rest of the team turn their thoughts to karma.  Hoping to bank some brownie points with the man upstairs, Johnny and Hank agree to teach a CPR class to a group of local kids, but the unexpected arrival of a pair of VIP 50-yard-line seats to the Bears-Packers game throws a real wrench in their plans.  Their solution?  Cut the class down to fifteen minutes with a little thing they call Speed-PR, and they'll be at the stadium enjoying goat cheese pretzels by kickoff!

It’s the perfect plan (despite Brian’s objections), but the ultra-inquisitive kids refuse to cooperate.  And when the little hooligans run wild and two of them steal the ambulance, it’s up to Theresa and her sweetly stupid new partner, Billy, to help them out of their jam before their supervisor finds out.  Will the guys track down the ambulance in time to stay out of trouble and make it to the game, or will karma take a chunk out of their butts?

About Sirens

From the distinct comedic point of view of Denis Leary (RESCUE ME) and Bob Fisher (WEDDING CRASHERS), SIRENS follows three of Chicago’s best EMTs whose sometimes silly, self-righteous and even self-destructive personalities make them unqualified for sustaining relationships, friendships and most occupations. They are, however, uniquely qualified for saving anyone who winds up in their ambulance. Johnny (Michael Mosley) is a good-looking, sports-loving, Chicago EMT working with his best friend Hank (Kevin Daniels). Brian (Kevin Bigley) is a wide-eyed and excitable new EMT who still lives with his parents. Jessica McNamee will play the female lead, Theresa, a smart female cop with the Chicago PD who still loves her ex Johnny, but ultimately had to move on when he wouldn’t commit.

Sirens is the story of three Chicago EMTs who are great at saving other people’s lives, but terrible at dealing with their own.  

Riding an ambulance in a city like Chicago is a tough gig, but best friends Johnny and Hank seem to have it figured out, even if they can’t figure out much else.  With excitable new guy Brian in tow, they make their way from one crisis to the next, trying to keep level heads as they deal with life or death situations.  Through it all they banter with their work family, bicker with their real families, and do their best to handle all of the little emergencies life can throw at you while you’re trying to tackle the big stuff.



Cast & Crew