Famous Last Words
S1 episode 4 Aired on March 20, 2014

Brian is moved by what he thinks are the last words of a dying man, “Tell Catherine I love her,” and despite Johnny and Hank’s vehement warnings not to get involved, decides it’s his moral duty to relay the message to the man’s wife…whose name turns out to be Agnes. 

Never one to be discouraged by a little setback, or by Johnny and Hank’s continued advice to stay the hell out of it, Brian puts his internet detective skills to work and soon tracks down the real Catherine.  Hank decides to join Brian on his quest - not so much because he believes that what Brian is doing is morally right, but because he can’t wait to see the whole thing go to shit.  And man does it ever. 

Meanwhile, when Hank points out that the man who died in the back of their rig was a dead ringer for the father that left Johnny and his mother for a stripper named Coco when Johnny was only 13, it knocks some big old daddy issues loose.  Johnny decides he has a score to settle with his old man, but it turns out that the past isn’t as black and white as he thought it was.