Shotgun Wedding
S1 episode 10 Aired on May 1, 2014

Getting shot in the arm during a robbery causes Theresa to assess where she is on the road to her dreams, and she doesn’t like what she sees.  Afraid that her FBI talk is for real this time, Johnny proposes that they go get married.  As in, today.  Right now. 

So with holy matrimony in their sights and Maeve and Hank sworn to secrecy as witnesses, Johnny and Theresa head down to the courthouse.  Of course, the secrecy thing seems to elude Hank and Maeve, who arrive with the whole station house in tow, plus Billy.  Unfortunately, the powers that be inform them about the 24-hour waiting period, but when Billy mentions that they can get married at his uncle’s church across town, the excited newlyweds-to-be take it as a good sign.  And that’s when things really start to go off the rails…