S1 episode 1 Aired on March 6, 2014

EMTs Johnny Farrell and Hank St. Clare may not have a handle on the little things, but they’re the guys you want to see in the ambulance when your life is on the line.  Though Johnny and Hank are used to being a dynamic duo, today they’re showing a new guy the ropes.  Brian Czyk is wide-eyed and excitable – and maybe a little off.  But that’s ok, so are Johnny and Hank.  Besides, he’s someone new to be the butt of Johnny and Hanks jokes.  And there are so many jokes. 

Brian quickly proves that he loves the job and that he can roll with the punches, like dealing with the business end of a fat guy who decided to go for broke and shove a soda bottle up his ass.  Meanwhile, after running into his ex-girlfriend, Chicago cop Theresa Kelly, on a call, Johnny starts to worry that he made a huge mistake when he told Theresa he wouldn’t move in with her.  During a second run-in at a sandwich shop, Johnny tries to reignite the flames by proving how he’s a changed man, but when his commitment issues rear their head again, Theresa drops the news that she’s dipping her toe back into the dating pool.  Johnny isn’t ready to give up that easily, so that night while enjoying a few after-work beers with their colleagues, Johnny and Hank hatch a plan to do a little date surveillance.  But in order to do it undetected, they’ll need Brian’s car.  And to get Brian to agree, they’ll have to get him nice and drunk.  What could go wrong?